Get it, Griege

A good 90% of the time, you could probably bet significant amounts of money on my nails being painted some various shade of silver or gray. And you would win. Especially now that I own Essie’s Miss Fancy Pants. 

Now, Miss Fancy Pants came out a while ago in the 2012 Fall Stylenomics collection. I’m not gonna lie, my obsession was just a twinkle in my eye at that point, and it passed unnoticed. This year, I watched a MissGlamorazzi video and she was wearing it – and I wanted it. Lo and behold, a few days later I found it for $4 at TJMaxx, and it was like the nail polish gods had smiled upon me without even making me scour Amazon.

Missy (we’re on a first name basis now) is a classic creme formula, and it’s a lovely griege with what I would say are some purple-y undertones. The formula is wonderful, in case you were doubting Essie for a second. Observe:


































Of course, my ring finger must be bedazzled at all times or I just don’t feel like myself. I’ve actually had someone ask me if I was ill or something one time when I didn’t do it. So I slapped some of Sephora OPI’s Mauvie-Star in the Making on there, along with the staple Orly Bonder base coat and Sally Hansen top coat. 

Look at that griege. YASSS. GET IT GRIEGE, YASSSSS.


Ignite the Night


I love them. Eye makeup, nails, shoes, what have you: everything is better with sparkles.

Cue Essie’s 2013 holiday collection, Encrusted Treasures. I must say, I wasn’t impressed with the other shades that came out (The PolishAholic – love her – has swatches of the others, and after reading her reviews, I didn’t even want to try the others), but I absolutely had to have Ignite the Night.


I got it to go opaque after two coats, which I was pretty impressed with. HOWEVER. I am totally not impressed with the lasting power. I used my usual Orly Bonder and Sally Hanson top coat combo that usually gives me at least a good three days without chips, but I painted my nails in early afternoon and this had flaked off horribly by the end of the night.

Do I love it? Yes. Does it frustrate me? Yes. Hate that.

*Update – I have now also used this as a top coat, and that works much, much better. Use it on top of other polishes, and you can enjoy your bling for more than a few hours.