The Purge: Confessions of a Nail Polish Hoarder

So here’s the thing: I kinda like nail polish. Just a little bit. And by little bit I mean 132 bottles worth. I like to tell myself it could be so much worse – I’m not on a TV show because I have 56 cats and a trash collection that fills my living room. Yet

Kidding. Sort of. I’d have 56 dogs, not cats. Anyway, the fact of the matter was that my collection no longer fit on my acrylic shelf, so some of it had to go. Here’s what we started with:


Then I began to go through one by one. First went the ones that had gotten dried and goopy beyond all belief. Could I potentially save them with thinner? Yes, but none of them were special enough or full enough for the work. Peace out, my beloved Essie’s Set in Stones. I will be repurchasing you.

Then I went through and got rid of the colors I hardly ever wear. Lime green? No thanks, Sally Hansen. Pee-yellow sparkly Zoya polish I got for free in an Ipsy bag? Buh-bye. Purple Selena Gomez shade for Nicole OPI, where did you even come from? Next went the inferior formulas, such as that white, streaky Julip polish I hated from the get go.

Then we went through dupes – this one was hard because I was sending away perfectly lovely shades that I clearly loved so much that I had purchased multiple brand versions. I had three dupes for Essie’s Fiji – wait, what? You’ll notice I did keep the X-Factor and Julep nail polishes that are the exact same shade of cobalt blue (because I couldn’t remember which was the one that didn’t stain my nails through the base coat). Get off my back. 

In the end, we purged 36 nail polishes: 


Minus the nasty dried ones, I put them all in a box and passed them off to my sister, who was thrilled. They went to a good home … where I can still borrow them if I find that I miss a particular shade. Mwahaha. 

In the end, I purged 27% of my collection. Not bad for a first pass at one of my obsessions. And this organized beauty is what we’re left with. Note the damn Juicy Couture nail polish that only fits laying down and is totally killing my vibe: 


And now I have a whole empty row to fill with more polishes. Woohoo!


Let’s Talk: GlamGlow Review

GlamGlow. You know what I’m talking about – that insanely expensive little pot with a star on the lid that you pass in Sephora. The one that has rave reviews, but you simply can’t bring yourself to drop $69.00 plus tax on 1.7 oz, even though it purports to be made with unicorn magic and baby angel kisses.

Up until now I’ve only sucked it up enough to buy the wee little sample size of the original YouthMud Tinglexfoliate mask – still a whopping $25, in case you were wondering. And you know what? It’s amazing. In addition to the unicorn magic and baby angel kisses, I would probably also guess at ingredients such as children’s laughter and rainbows. Worth every penny.

BUT. Those sneaky little GlamGlow people just came out with a holiday gift set, priced at $69, with not only one full sized pot of the ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment mask, but also two small pots of the original YouthMud and the SuperMud Clearing Treatment. I mean, come on. I broke down. You would too.



Let’s break it down here for you, from left to right:

1. YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment: the original GlamGlow in the little black pot, I’ve tried this a million times and it is firmly cemented as my favorite face treatment of all time. Yes, it is a nasty green color, but it smells like a delicious, minty herbal-y drink so you won’t mind schmearing it all over your face. You pop this sucker on, and it’ll tingle (pleasantly, not ouchy) for a while, then it’ll dry down to a gray-green clay-like texture all over your face, and you leave it there for as long as you damn well please.

Technically, they say to leave it on for about 10 minutes, but I usually leave it for closer to 30 minutes to an hour, and I’ve heard people sleep with it on, my mother included. When you take it off, your skin will feel tighter, glowing, smooth and wonderful. By the next day I can always see improvement in any blemishes as well, both reduction in size and redness.

Conclusion: Buy this. Run, don’t walk. You will not regret it.

2. SuperMud Clearing Treatment: this is the black mask in the middle in the little white pot. I must say, I am not nearly as impressed with this little sucker as I am with the original YouthMud. It’s a clearing treatment, right? So it must be even better at dispelling blemishes, right? Wrong. This little guy just has some sort of vague herbal smell, tingles a little (not as much as the YouthMud) and dries down, again, to a black clay like consistency on your face. However, there is no post mask glow, no tightening, no reduction of blemishes.

Conclusion: it didn’t do anything bad, but neither did it do anything wonderful. I won’t buy it again.

3. ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment: this is tan/yellow mud on the right in the large blue pot, which is said to have wonderful hydrating powers for your skin. Again, it doesn’t look very nice, but it smells of honey, fruit and oats, which I am a fan of. When you smear it on, it does not dry down – instead it stays pretty wet and tacky. Interestingly, the tingle sensation is not as intense as the YouthMud, however, I did find that it lasted the entire time I left the mask on (about half an hour), instead of dying down after the first 5-10 minutes. After rinsing this off, I definitely noticed the whole same glowing thing going on as with the original mask, and my skin was soft as a baby’s butt. It didn’t seem to do much for blemishes, but then it’s a hydrating treatment, so whatever.

Conclusion: this was nice. I’d say made with less unicorn magic than the original, but still a good mask. I’d buy it again, especially during drier months, climates, etc.

Overall impressions: The original YouthMud Tinglexfoliate treatment is still the best in my eyes, with the ThirstyMud coming in second and the SuperMud third. I will definitely still be buying the YouthMud regularly, and will probably buy the ThirstyMud again as well for when my skin is feeling parched (I think it’ll be great for winter, and potentially for long plane rides). SuperMud, unfortunately, is dead to me.

GlamGlow also has a new PowerMud DualCleanse treatment in a little green pot as well as a BrightMud Eye Treatment left for me to try – have you tried them? What do you think?

Find GlamGlow here: or here: