Empty of the Week: COLAB Dry Shampoos by Ruth Crilly

Let’s go through my trash … er, talk about products I’ve used up! 

About two months ago I went on my honeymoon to the UK and the second my foot hit UK soil I made a beeline for the nearest SuperDrug and Boots stores. Of course I had plans to pick up the usual UK suspects that we don’t have full access to in the US, such as Soap and Glory and Rimmel, but I was hoping to pick up a few more unknown products that would turn out to be gems – and these are them. Sparkly, sparkly gems.

I remembered seeing these COLAB by Ruth Crilly dry shampoos in passing in some YouTube videos, which is what made me curious enough to pick them up – that, and the smell. Oh Lordy, the smell. When picking them out, I did so based solely on aroma and I came away with one original formula in the Rio Tropical fragrance, and one extreme volume formula in New York Fruity fragrance:


The original formula in Rio is a good dry shampoo – it does what it’s supposed to do, soaks up oils without leaving residue in your hair, and it does this while smelling fabulous. I’d totally use it again, but it’s not like I couldn’t get that from some dry shampoos here in the states (I’m looking at you, Batiste and Suave).

But the extreme volume formula? It does all this and then gives you the volume of your dreams. I need this stuff. It is now my hair crack, and I cannot live without it. But for some reason, these cannot be shipped to the United States. I am devastated. Empty of the week conclusion? You can live without the original formula, but you need the extreme volume one in your life. Immediately. Go pick them up, then make a shrine to Ruth Crilly. 


My Perfume Collection: I Hope You Like Flowers

Behold: the perfume collectionTop row, left to right: Velvet Tuberose by Bath and Body Works, Midnight Rain by La Prarie, Original Pink by Soap and Glory, Enchanted Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift. Bottom row, left to right: Viva La Juicy La Fleur by Juicy Couture, English Pear and Freesia by Jo Malone, Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift, Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture, and Twilight Woods by Bath and Body Works.Top row, left to right: Velvet Tuberose by Bath and Body Works, Midnight Rain by La Prarie, Original Pink by Soap and Glory and Enchanted Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift. 

Bottom row, left to right: Viva La Juicy La Fleur by Juicy Couture, English Pear and Freesia by Jo Malone, Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift, Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture and Twilight Woods by Bath and Body Works

Let’s start from the top and work our way down, shall we?

Velvet Tuberose: White Tuberose, Diamond Orchids, and Cashmere Musk

Unfortunately, this is no longer available for purchase unless you want to hunt some down on eBay. They don’t even have the smell in other products any more. However, I can tell you that it smells deliciously more warm and more dark than the rest of my collection, while still maintaining the flowery smell that I prefer (if you couldn’t tell). I’m hoarding this like the world is ending while I wait in hope that Bath and Body Works will bring it back.

Midnight Rain: Guava, Mandarin, Pomegranate, Freesia, White Lily, Vanilla Orchid, Plum Flower, Amber Flower, Patchouli, Vetyver, Cashmere Woods, and Musk.

Why yes – yes that bottle is in the shape of a raindrop and has sparkles all over it. Which is the entire reason I picked it up. Honestly, I could have cared less what it smelled like, I just wanted that bottle – but luckily it smells wonderful. It’s basically a sexy, more sophisticated version of a flowery scent and I love putting this on when I have important things to do – it’s almost like a power scent that makes me feel grown up. It’s super long lasting, too.

Original Pink: Fresh Fruity Citrus with Bergamot, Summer Rose, Peach, Strawberry, Gardenia Blooms, Jasmine, Patchouli, Warm Amber and Lush Musks.

Where Midnight Rain is the sophisticated perfume, Original Pink smells like a high school girl who just got doused in pink lemonade and I love it. You’ll practically get thirsty when you spray it. Warning however, it’s not super long lasting, so you’ll need to spray on more through the day.

Enchanted WonderstruckWild Berries, Pink Poppy, Passion Fruit, Peony, Sugar-Glazed Champaca Petals, White Freesia, White Musk, Hypnotic Vanilla and Blonde Woods.

I don’t care if you like Taylor Swift or not – the girl can make perfume, ya’ll. I was personally hesitant to pick both this and the original Wonderstruck up, simply because they are celebrity perfumes, but it smells so, so good. This is definitely my staple every day, signature perfume in the winter, and the original Wonderstruck takes it’s place in the summer. I’ve used almost three bottles of both now. It’s basically a darker version of Wonderstruck, it lasts all day, and both me and my husband love it.

Viva La Juicy La FleurWild Berries, Mandarin, Honeysuckle, Gardenia Petals, Soft Jasmine, Vanilla, Caramel, Sandalwood. 

This is a light, fun version of Viva La Juicy that I feel like I could wear everyday since the original is a bit too dark, serious and sexy for me to want to wear all the time. I usually alternate it with my Wonderstruck in the summertime if I feel like switching it up. Be warned though, it doesn’t last long so I have a rollerball of it that I tote around as well.

English Pear and Freesia: ummm … exactly what it says. Pear and freesia. Also, Amber, Patchouli and Woods.

This was my wedding perfume and it’s different from everything else I own. It’s light, sweet and sheer – perfect for a bride. I do find that it doesn’t last all that long, however, which is surprising for such a damn expensive perfume.

Wonderstruck: Freesia, Apple Blossom, Raspberry, Golden Amber, Sandalwood and Peach

This is my staple summer perfume that I wear everyday during warmer months. Love her or hate her, TayTay’s perfumes are on point. Just like Enchanted Wonderstruck, you can expect this to last forever and I’ve gone through several bottles and have rollerballs of it stashed everywhere.

Viva La JuicyWild Berries, Mandarins, Honeysuckle, Gardenia, Jasmine, Amber, Caramel, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Praline

This is possibly the most grown up perfume I own, which is why I don’t wear it as often as the others. It’s definitely darker and sexier and I usually only wear it on nights out. It lasts a looong time too, so expect to smell like it the next day.

Twilight Woods: Apricot Nectar, Mimosa Petals, and Tuscan Cypress

Again, sorry, it doesn’t appear Bath and Body Works sells the perfume any more, but unlike Velvet Tuberose at least they still have lotions, sprays, etc in this scent. You can still find the perfume on Amazon and eBay. This is like Velvet Tuberose in that’s its flowery and girly while still being darker. I love this smell but don’t use it as often because it’s being phased out and I’m hoarding it too.

Empty of the Week: Bobbi Brown Corrector

Let’s go through my trash … er, talk about products I’ve used up! 

You think you have under eye problems? Oh, honey. I’ll show you under eye problems. I’m one of those people who just constantly looks like they’re recovering from a black eye. Thus, the quest for the magical combination of under eye products that will make me look like a real, rested person is never ending. But, I have found one step that won’t be changing any time soon, and that’s the Bobbi Brown Corrector.


I go through one of these probably every two to three months, for a good reason. Whether I’m wearing full face makeup or not, a swipe of this goes a long way to eliminating the blue tones under my eyes. I personally wear the shade extra light bisque (because the tone of my skin is what’s commonly known as glow in the dark). I can’t recommend it enough – it’s something that I always have back ups of, because heaven forbid I run out and someone thinks a zombie attack is happening.

Empty of the week conclusion? Definite repurchase. GO GET YOU SOME.