Goodies from the Aisle of Doom

So you know those aisles at Ulta and Sephora right before the cash register with all the adorable, petite, affordably priced little minis? I call it the aisle of doom – and it’s where I picked these little cuties up (damn you, Ulta).

stila blooming bright convertible color trio

I’ve never tried a Stila Convertible Color before, but I’ve heard others rave about them, so why not pick up three of them for $20? That’s a damn steal. It would be irresponsible not to buy them at that price – I practically saved money, right? Right.

I’m quite the fan of the whole dewy look, so I am very pleased with these. The set is called the Stila blooming bright convertible color trio, and they give long lasting, pretty, natural color that stays nice looking all day. From left to right we have Lillium, a nude pink, Petunia, a coral pink, and Hibiscus, a coral red. I’m pale as all get out – let’s use a nice term and call me “porcelain” – so Lillium gives a wonderful, natural flush on me when buffed out, and it’s set to become my staple blush for the spring and summer when you don’t want a lot of stuff on your face, but still want to look fresh, natural and pretty. I’d say if you have $20 to spare, this might be a great way to spend it (and if you’re not as ghostly as I am, maybe check out the slightly darker trio set in the beauty in bloom color way).




What? No, of course that didn’t all just come out of my purse while I was cleaning it. It would be ridiculous to carry that many lip products.


*This post brought to you by the Hoarders of America Association.

**I’m not sure if that’s actually a thing, but we’re going to say it is.

*** Shane Co. makes bomb chapstick.

Products I Hate: Returned Edition

I don’t actually tend to return a lot of products – I am usually the kind of person who will do a lot of research before buying a beauty product because:

a) I don’t want to waste money, especially if it’s high end

b) I’m neurotic like that

c) Sephora employees have a knack for making me feel like a very bad person when I do return stuff

So products that I buy usually work out for me. However, these two definitely did not, and they were both rather expensive, so I couldn’t just turn a blind eye and toss a $5 eyeliner I didn’t like.

If the Sephora employees had actually asked me what was wrong enough with these two products instead of giving me the stink eye, here’s what I would tell them:


This is Gold Mine Shimmering Leave-In Conditioner. Small bottle, big name. It comes from DryBar, which is a place I have been wishing and hoping and praying will come to my hometown. I’m in a big city for Lord’s sake, get on that. But anyway, I’ve seen plenty about how wonderful these slightly sparkly shimmering conditioners and oils can be, especially for blonde hair. So when I saw one, and from DryBar no less, I had to pick it up. Pro? It smelled positively delightful. Con? None of the shimmer actually got in my hair, pretty sure. Instead, my palms and brush were entirely caked in gold glitter herpes. Also, it didn’t leave my hair feeling any softer or shinier than usual. For $29 this wee little bottle had better make my hair look DAMN good, and it didn’t. So bye, Felicia.


Now this is the new YSL Volupte Tint-In-Oil. It looks so pretty. I personally went for #6, Peach Me Love. I loved it in the store when I swatched it on my hand, and I love lip tints in general. They’re my jam. But then I went and put it on in the car as I was pulling out of the mall parking lot. It’s a 15 minute drive home. In the time it took me to get home and look in a mirror, the lovely, glossy tint had turned into a splotchy, dry mess that stained a rather odd purple (decidedly not peach) hue on my lips. I was horrified. I thought perhaps I had a lot of dry skin on my lips and that’s why it dried all weird. So I went and exfoliated the heck out of them, and put this back on. Then, I went outside in normal light to check the color. It wasn’t me – this stuff really did suck. For $32, this went STRAIGHT back. Maybe it’s a different story with other colors; I’d like to know what you think.

Of course, different products work better for different people, but my recommendation? Don’t be dropping your hard earned money on these any time soon.