June 2015 Julep Maven Unboxing

Woohoo! The June Julep Maven box is here! Here’s what we got this month:

It’s a Lilly Pulitzer box! Which should be super cute, right? Except for I think I kinda got three of the most underwhelming colors ever: a puke green called Sam, a very light pink (almost beige) called Lillian, and a metallic neon pink dubbed Sally.


Not really digging it this month unfortunately. Not even the candy was a saving grace – I have no idea what those lollipop things were but they were decidedly NOT delicious. Oh well – there’s always next month to look forward to!


2 thoughts on “June 2015 Julep Maven Unboxing

  1. I used there service last year and the nail polish was really either really thick or watery dep on color. is that still the case? if not i would love to try them again . I like the pink šŸ™‚

    • Oh weird – I’ve had a few formulas that had that problem, but it was always the really light colors and it hasn’t happened in a while. The light beige pink in this box was totally fine. Might be time to try a box again!

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