The Munchkin

Last week we decided to add to our little family. Meet Winnie, the cutest little Shorkie nugget you ever did lay eyes on:


She’s not even two pounds yet. It gives me anxiety – I have an oh God where’s the baby is she under my foot? moment every other second. But she is adorable and feisty and gives tons of kisses and most importantly, my first baby, Charles, loves her.


This is no mean feat, you guys. Charlie is a rescue with some major trust issues who loves precious few people, and even fewer dogs. I even had my sister on stand by just in case they didn’t get along and it turned out that Winnie needed a different home, which would have broken my heart. But they kiss and snuggle and play and I can’t even handle how cute they are together. Every time I see a photo op like the one above my heart just wants to explode.

In case you need a little cuteness in your Friday too, here:





You’re welcome.


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