Hello, My Pretties

So … I’ve been on a bit of a jewelry spree lately. Allow me to introduce you to my new babies:


Let’s start with these two beautiful little ballerina rings. The one on the left has a baby pink pearl in the middle of her white sapphire skirt, and she’s gorgeous – I happened across her at the International Gem and Jewelry Show and she just had to come home with me.

The blue sapphire ring on the right has a more personal story, as the ring mounting is actually one of my mother’s sapphire and diamond earrings that she gave me when I was little because she lost the mate. I was absolutely enchanted at such a young age to own such a beautiful, fancy little gem. I’ve kept it all these years, and I recently took it to Shane Co. and asked them to mount it in an east-west setting on a simple gold band. I simply love the results. #TeamShaneCo!

Shane Co

A close runner up for my favorite pieces are my new Stella and Dot Somervell necklace and matching Nancy stud earrings. They’re a gorgeous shade of peach that complements my skin and hair perfectly:


Next up? Lucky Brand! I really love their jewelry and I frequently find it on sale at HauteLook or Macy’s, which means I can justify buying a lot of it – wheeeee! Both of these pieces were $10 each – BARGAIN. I just love this cross bracelet and matching teardrop earrings:


I’ve been starting to collect a lot more bracelets recently as well. I think this means I’ve finally been brainwashed by the stacking trend. This champagne baguette bracelet is from Baublebar, and the other three came from a random brand I can’t remember on Hautelook, but they look fantastic together and with a few of my other older Lucky Brand bracelets thrown in as well.


These pretty little earrings came from Hautelook too. I’m not quite as impressed with them, as I rather suspect they’ll fall apart soon from the appearance of the in person construction, but they were cheap and will be cute while they last:


And last but not least, you can see in the middle my new rose gold heart beat necklace from the Etsy shop Great Lakes. I love layering this little beauty with other necklaces or alone for a dainty little touch. It’s so. damn. cute:


Clearly I don’t have enough jewelry, amiright? I’m right. Let’s get more.


Jewels Du Jour

I’ve mentioned I work for a jewelry company, yes? So basically part of my job is scoping out a lot of competitor jewelry. It’s a beautiful thing to be paid for, and also a horrible thing because I see so much pretty stuff that I want. Anyway, I stumbled across these little vintage-inspired gems in my internet job travels the other day, and I had to have them. Boss walking by be damned, I got on my phone and ordered them right then and there.

Cue the choir of angels singing for my new BaubleBar Juniper Ear Jacketsbaublebarjuniperearjacketsvintagejewelry


They don’t look nearly so ethereal in the merch shot online (see left), but I’m sooooo very pleased with how they look in person – they’re even better than I imagined. I think we’ve found my new staple piece!

P.S. – google some online codes before you go buy, I almost always find useable BaubleBar coupons! I got $10 off these babies with a RetailMeNot code, bringing them down to an extremely reasonable $22.

Inside My Jewelry Box: My Favorite Pieces of the Moment

Welcome to another episode of Hoarders!


White over the door jewelry armoire from Amazon. In case you were wondering, the Pat the Bunny book is an old childhood Christmas ornament I want to keep safe, so it keeps my jewelry company.

J/K, welcome to my jewelry box. And by jewelry box I mean human-sized over the door jewelry armoire.

I can feel you judging. I’d just like to preface this by saying that when not writing here, I work for a jewelry company and I get a discount. “But Savannah,” you say, “What about all the jewelry that didn’t come from there?” and I’d say “Hush it, remember the talk about judging?”

You’ll notice a couple of large themes in this armoire:

Theme 1: Pearls. Because, hello, pearls. They are my love, my life, my jewelry staple and whatever other earrings I show you here, just know that my classic white pearl buttons are what I wear probably 70% of the time.

Theme 2: Druzy. I’ve gotten majorly into the druzy. I feel like it’s totally at odds with the preppy pearls, but if not wearing pearls, I’m probably wearing druzy.

Theme 3: I have more earrings and rings than any person could ever wear. I know this. I choose not to act upon it, because I luff them.

Now, because it would take years to write a blog about every single piece in here, I’m just going to show you my favorites.

Let’s start with the earrings, because earrings and rings are my top two priorities when it comes to jewels.


Grey glass stone and gold earrings from The Dotted Poppy on Etsy.


Pink and gray bow earrings from Vertigre on Etsy.


Gray druzy in gold from Hautelook.

Next up, of course, the rings:


From left to ring: black and gold bow ring from Kate Spade, gold marquise cut ring (vintage shop), gray druzy ring (vintage shop), marquise and baguette cut silver ring (vintage shop), sapphire ring from Helzberg Diamonds, aquamarine ring (vintage shop).

And now for bracelets, which I have been getting into a lot more lately:


Gold and smokey quartz bracelet from Lucky Brand.


Cuff bracelets with quotes. “We’re all stories in the end. Just make it a good one.” – Dr. Who from My Sunny Shop on Etsy. “I am no bird; and no net ensares me.” – Jane Eyre from Berkey Designs on Etsy.

And finally, necklaces. Despite the amount of them in my jewelry box, I really don’t wear them that often, but I have been absolutely loving these two I just got from ElisabethAshlie on Etsy – especially layered together:


The Amy necklace and the Michal necklace from ElisabethAshlie on Etsy.

You may have noticed that I get a fair bit of my jewelry from Etsy and various vintage shops or estate sales. I love going that route, because my pieces are often quite different from anyone else. I must also say, if you like what you see you’ve got to visit the aforementioned Dotted Poppy and ElisabethAshlie. ElisabethAshlie is actually run by Lauren from The Lauren Elisabeth Blog. Her and her sister Kate from The Small Things Blog are my favorites when it comes to fashion, so duh I will buy whatever she makes – there’s a lot more of her creations in my armoire. The Dotted Poppy is actually Lauren and Kate’s mom, and the stuff is equally as cute.

So what do you think? Anything else you like to see up close?