Products I Hate: bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Hypnotist

YOU GUYS. See this? This is the Marvelous Moxie lipgloss in Hypnotist from bareMinerals. I love the Marvelous Moxie line – HOWEVER. This shade did not make the cut.


Looks gorgeous and iridescent and incredible, right? I’ve been eyeing it forever, because it’s clearly a tube of pure unicorn magic. And it totally swatches that way too:


But when you put it on your lips?


OMGWTFBBQBACON. I may as well have bought some $2 clear Bonnie Bell lipgloss from the kiddie section of Target’s makeup aisle. It totally loses all of its beautiful unicorn magic and just becomes … normal.┬áBlah. I’m so sad about it, but this one is going back!



What? No, of course that didn’t all just come out of my purse while I was cleaning it. It would be ridiculous to carry that many lip products.


*This post brought to you by the Hoarders of America Association.

**I’m not sure if that’s actually a thing, but we’re going to say it is.

*** Shane Co. makes bomb chapstick.