June 2015 Julep Maven Unboxing

Woohoo! The June Julep Maven box is here! Here’s what we got this month:

It’s a Lilly Pulitzer box! Which should be super cute, right? Except for I think I kinda got three of the most underwhelming colors ever: a puke green called Sam, a very light pink (almost beige) called Lillian, and a metallic neon pink dubbed Sally.


Not really digging it this month unfortunately. Not even the candy was a saving grace – I have no idea what those lollipop things were but they were decidedly NOT delicious. Oh well – there’s always next month to look forward to!


Products I Hate: bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Hypnotist

YOU GUYS. See this? This is the Marvelous Moxie lipgloss in Hypnotist from bareMinerals. I love the Marvelous Moxie line – HOWEVER. This shade did not make the cut.


Looks gorgeous and iridescent and incredible, right? I’ve been eyeing it forever, because it’s clearly a tube of pure unicorn magic. And it totally swatches that way too:


But when you put it on your lips?


OMGWTFBBQBACON. I may as well have bought some $2 clear Bonnie Bell lipgloss from the kiddie section of Target’s makeup aisle. It totally loses all of its beautiful unicorn magic and just becomes … normal. Blah. I’m so sad about it, but this one is going back!

Who is the Fairest of Them All?

It’s been all about Essie lately – let’s show OPI some love, shall we?

This lovely little shade, called Muir Muir on the Wall from OPI’s 2013 San Francisco collection, is a shimmer, plummy duochrome with hints of brown, gray and gold depending on how the light strikes its fancy. Between the pretty color and obvious Disney princess reference, I simply had to pick this one up.


Muir Muir on the Wall - OPI

Muir Muir on the Wall – OPI

I must say that upon application of the first coat, I was a little horrified and thought I might be returning this one (thank goodness for Ulta’s lovely return policy), since it was a streaky, gray and plum mess. Upon application of the second coat though, I must say this turned out opaque and completely lovely. I paired it with CND’s Stickey as a base coat and Orly’s Top-2-Bottom as a top coat, and  I’m well into my fifth day of wear with only minor chips. 

Orly Top-2-Bottom, CND Stickey and OPI Muir Muir on the Wall

Orly Top-2-Bottom, CND Stickey and OPI Muir Muir on the Wall

The Darling of Fall

I’m pretty sure Bahama Mama by Essie is quite possibly one of the most universally adored fall nail polishes ever, and today we combo’d it with Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear polish in Strobe Flash from their fall 2013 collection:


From left to right: CND Stickey, Orly Top-2-Bottom top and base coat, Essie Bahama Mama, and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Strobe Flash

For this lovely little result:

Sophisticated, yet fun,

Sophisticated, yet fun,

This is actually the first time I have used Strobe Flash since I bought it, and I’m diggin’ it. I’m not usually a fan of bar glitter, but this one works. It’s completely matte, and has a fun polka dot effect. Bahama Mama, of course, is that quintessential lovely, plummy wine color that everyone reaches for in fall. Together, it says “sophisticated fall look, with a splash of awesome.”

It’s Like Buttah

The first time I ever picked up a Butter London nail polish, I was all “OOOH, PRETTY.” And then I looked at the price tag, and put it back as I laughed hysterically. I told myself that never, ever would I spend $15 on a nail polish. 

But then Tati, aka GlamLifeGuru came along, and once fall started she was constantly wearing Butter London’s Brown Sugar. And after she gushed about it, and I watched her wear it for weeks on end, I simply had to have it. I don’t regret the purchase even one tiny bit – it is beautiful. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a polish like this, and believe me, I perused polish racks and blogs for weeks trying to find a dupe before I caved in.

Behold the beauty: 

I lurve it.

I lurve it.



I’m not normally one for browns and reds and oranges and golds – we’ve talked about my love of cool neutrals before. I’m a winter, not a summer, etc, etc. But this polish is incredible. Forget duo chrome – this is like 20 (okay, 4) colors in one. I tried to get the light to strike it in the picture, so that you could possibly see that it changes between brown, gold, a deep red and orange depending on the light, but I still don’t think the picture does it does justice. The best part is, even though the polish is comprised entirely of fine glitters, this stuff does not remove the way normal glitter polishes do – aka, like hell. As usual, I paired it with my Orly Bonder base coat and Orly top-2-bottom base coat, and it’s lasting power is ah-mazing. 

So, if you have a bit of money burning a hole in your pocket, try this out. I just hope I don’t find any other colors as incredible as this in their line – that could get expensive.